Old dogs, and new tricks…

So, I haven’t written in a week or so, it has been a busy time. Once again, I am going to try to learn the guitar, I have started lessons. I have had a beautiful Fender acoustic for years but I have always had one reason or another not to learn, but excuse never get the job done.  I am taking free lessons at the Guitar Center, I must say, I have gone to one of the local music shops twice now (I bought the guitar there, and I would rather support local business when possible) and I have been treated very poorly because of my lack of knowledge. Guitar Center on the other hand has been nothing but helpful, so big corp wins this time.

Me beard further along.

I am working towards a wicked viking beard!

In other new, we at Nightfall Unlimited, have been busy getting gaming month under way.  I have been having some system issues, so I have not been much help, but much of the crew has really step-up their game. It is great to have so many contributors being active.

We also pick up Jinx as a sponsor, which I love because I already own many of their shirt. I actually will post at the bottom a link that if you use it and sign-up, then I get benefits from any future purchase.

Finally, I am going to let my beard grow for Movember. I am not going to do more than let my beard grow this year, as I am already raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, through Extra Life (If you donate, search for Richard Krueger, thanks).

Anyway, I am loving my beard oil, the days I forget it, it is noticeable. I am thinking about getting mustache wax from the same company and doing a handle bar mustache for fun when ever I shave (Maybe next year).

If anyone has any advice on learning guitars or growing beards, lay it on me!


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