Extra Life – technical failure


So, I was all prepped to do my 24 hours of gaming in one epic run. I stocked a mini-fridge with caffeine and hydration, gather several stacks, wasted time I should have been sleeping testing my games for updates and doing a short run of the broadcast software (Raptr at first).

After several hours getting everything correct, I went to sleep at 9:30pm. Getting up at 11:30pm, I could feel I need more sleep, but I am not one to bow before a challenge. My brother logged on and we worked on the streaming issues that I was having (I love many Raptr features, but often have little issues).

Right before 12, I find that the issue seems to be tied to some beta software that I thought I had deactivated. Everything seems OK, so I start my marathon. I start playing Rift, I play a new character still in Freemarch (Defiant all the way, baby). I am still tweaking my broadcast because my brother is seeing bursts of low-quality.

I want to say 2ish, my brother is doing Tough Mudder the next day, so he needs to log off. As I play I get traffic on Twitch but many people leave pretty quickly. I just figure I am not interesting enough to stay (I was feeling rough from lack of sleep, what can I say).

About 5ish, I realize that my broadcast is worse than usual, and I need to do something.

7am, I have tried 3 different broadcast programs, restarting the system several times, contacting support (Which was helpful, just not miracle workers.) All while still gaming as much as possible.

That is when I realized that my efforts were not going to work, I was exhausted from the day before, and my system had betrayed me. I went to sleep, and woke up and played some games without Twitching for parts of the day.

I clocked about 12 hours that day, I would like to Twitch another 12 very soon to finish my commitment.

This is a great event, and I am still fighting to reach my goal!

I hope you will consider giving to my cause, I still have November to complete it.




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