Long time, no post.

Greetings everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted, and I think I said that the last time I posted. I won’t lie, most of my time for putting up articles are devoted to nightfallunlimited.com, but I would still like to post here.

Being that Nightfall Unlimited gives me a great outlet on the subjects that I originally created this page about, I will probably start making this a more personal page. Not that I won’t still talk about tech, because I will, it will just be a more personal nature and less professional nature.

I will also though many other random things here. For example, I am not only a fall baby, but I love the season and associate it with Halloween. As the first good chill, and dreary day hit the Midwest and the tree start to turn, I am a little happier.

I am also going to grow a beard out this year, I have often grown a beard, but it has been out of laziness and my skin gets dry until it must be shaven. This year, I have decided to try to grow a proper beard for the colder months. I think I will include a pic with my next post.

Anyway, I love a dialogue, so feel free to comment. Also, if you enjoy geek culture, check out the website I write for at nightfallunlimited.com



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