New projects, old idiot… (Split Personality Edition)

So, you have not heard from me in a while… Thought I was dead, huh? Or at least smart enough to stop blogging? HA, wrong on both accounts!! Actually, I have just been crazy busy, and that has only kinda changed.

I have been working on a new site with a great team, and most of my time is going to be on that, it is called Nightfall Unlimited. So any of you that have sorely been missing your friend the idiot, here is your chance to get your fix. But, there is a catch, we are going to be doing several fun things on Nightfall Unlimited and my name just does not work with our project. So, look for me as Voltage Spike. Also, for the things that I can’t write about on Nightfall Unlimited, I will still be writing here. So, stay tuned. Subscribe or send an owl.

Nightfall Unlimited

Voltage Spike -

Voltage Spike –

Intricate Idiot

Intricate Idiot


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