It is always Halloween here! (Faceless Edition)

Hello, I am making my return from daddy land, and what a fun land it is… But, that is not what I am here to talk about.

With Halloween fast approaching your ol’ friend The Idiot has a tale to tell. So, gather close, and listen (… or read as it were) the…

Tale of the Faceless ones! (I am typing this with a flashlight to my face, you know, for effect)

There once was a land… No, more like a world, and one could enter this world through one of three doors.

The first door to be discovered was called the Door of Truth, few came through this door because of what you had to leave behind. When one entered this door they had to leave behind their age, they also left behind their sex, and race, even their name was left at the threshold until all they had left was their pure experiences of life and the dreams of what life could be. In those days the world was chaotic, and yet simple. But, these nameless and faceless ones began to build great things, and so that they could find each other,( for they had no form, not even a name) they formed new names made of their experiences and dreams. But, then many begun to hear of this new world and the wonders the faceless ones had created.

Many of these people fear the first door, so they searched for another way to access this new, fantastic world, and that is how they came to find The door of Ignorance. This door would allow anyone in, and it would allow them to take everything with them from the old world. They could bring their age, sex, and race, so, many did. Once this door was discovered, many flooded into this new domain to gaze upon the wonders of the faceless and to begin to build wonders of their own.

One day, one of the ignorant said, “What is your name?”

The faceless one told him.

“What?! This name is of 1′ and 0′, this is not a true name!”The ignorant shouted in outrage.

“But it is, this is the name that I have created.” The faceless one said.

“See it is a made up name, not a real one!” The ignorant smugly said,”How will I know if you are to be called Sir or My lady? No, this is not acceptable!”

The ignorant went in search of the law, but found that those with the power in the land did not enforce such laws, so he left the land…
and returned with those that enforced the laws of the old world. These brutes saw the many wonders and found some to be grotesque and demanded them be torn down, others broke laws of the other worlds and those too the faceless were forced to change or destroy.

More and more the immigrants from the old world came to the new through the second door, and the proud names of the old world, demanded tribute; and the old crimes of hate began to spread through out this world as it had the last. Some of the faceless had the things that they left behind brought through the second door by the brutes, and others faded into legend. This new world has had many names, but most just call it, The Net.

Although, not much of and ending, that is the end of today’s tale…

What? This story is of three doors? Well, yes, there is a third door, but no one has found that one yet.

(and I dramatically close the book… or screen.. or well you know what I mean.)

The moral of today’s story, is that once upon a time we didn’t know each others age or sex on the net. It was hard to have hate crimes because we detached ourselves to enter into the world the computers created. When I was in my early teens I would be treated as an equal with educated adults on what was called BBS, mostly because they never new they where talking to someone so young. I read about the prejudice against girl gamers, and people of other races, and wonder how we got here from such pure beginnings. Here you start out without a name or anything, we decided what to add, it is like Halloween every day, which mask will you wear? I guess it just depends on which door you came through…

-The Idiot


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