And the wheels start moving… (Update)

Finally, the things are starting to come together on getting this site moving, not to say that there is not a lot more still to be done. But, at least we a becoming a little less generic. I want to that JMS Creations for doing the art side of the page, I look forward to working with him more and slapping some new paint on the walls. Also, my Facebook page is now active, so give me a like, and leave a comment. Anyway, I will hopefully I will have a new post for you soon, in the mean time if you need some custom work done for your site, or maybe sometime else hit up JMS Creations, he is easy to work with and gets the job done.

Oh, Free RPG day was a bit slow at my local shop, but I also hit it early… Anyway, enough of my sight for today hit JMS Creations at

(Ugh, sorry about the sloppy post, suffering for too little sleep)

-The Idiot

My new Logo!


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