It is hip to be square… (Nerd Edition)

So, I was reading a funny little info-graphic on Geeks are Sexy. (This is a fun site, It was a geek vs. nerd comparison. It was ok, except that it really pissed of a lot of commenter because it basically said that geeks are tech-savvy hipsters. Being someone who takes geek as one of his many titles, I can see why people were offended, hell, I was offended when the graph said geek = Mac, nerd = PC. I mean really?! Who on either side of the line takes a mac seriously?.. … …

Sorry, had to let my blood pressure drop.

Anyway, as I was saying, the graph isn’t perfect, but it does hit on some fun points, and I don’t think it was made to be anything but a bit of fun.

The hipster thing kinda stuck in my craw, mostly because I get what they are saying, but I also disagree.

I think a lot of geeks have taken on more of a hipster persona (myself included), because it is fun, and it help identify us to other like-minded individuals. I like that if I see someone with a Mental Floss shirt on that I know they might be an intellectual, or at least someone who likes nerdy bits of info. Are their more wannabe’s in the geek seen now? Sure, I suppose, I was never an elitist, so if someone wants to go around pounding their chest with Tux on their shirt, and spending money on things that I like (thus making them cheaper, and easier for me to find), then let them. Once the fad has passed, I will still be the same Idiot, you all know and love, and those that like to stay in trend will have moved on.

My point is this, geeks, nerd, and dork until recent year have always been frowned upon, stuffed into lockers or shunned by the opposite sex. It has been doubly worse for those that have been in this group, but have also had social skill, because they were not taken serious by the geek (blanket term) or considered weird for knowing stuff by the more popular crowd. I know that many people consider this a badge of honor, they survived without giving in, but maybe it is time to enjoy getting a bit of respect, even if non-geeks (Once, again, just using this as a blanket terms that include nerds, dorks, etc… so that I don’t need to type it out every time, because doing so would be just a waste of time, and who would ramble on wasting everyone’s time by putting in information that is completely unnecessary, when this blog is about only the facts and is not to be used for entertainment value for any reason.*)… Where was I? Oh yeah, non-geeks don’t really get what it is to be tweaked on caffeine, and have your back killing you because you have been at the computer for several hours trying to weed out why there is a slight pause when you open your program that wasn’t there before.

There is no dress code to being a geek/near/dork/dweeb/intellectual, but if I see a woman with a low-cut shirt, that ALSO has a tri-force on it. I’ll admit, it is a bit more of a turn on. It is a social code that says,”I am more likely to accept, and enjoy spending a night fight orcs, or talking tech with you.” I can’t speak for the fairer sex, but for us caffeine-blooded male geeks, I don’t know a single one that wouldn’t be excited to hear that. (So, remember that as a pick up line, ladies.)

Here is how I would put people into categories, and yes you can fit into more than one:

geek = intellectual interested in tech.

nerd = intellectual interested in academia

dork = socially awkward fan boy/girl. (comic books,  movies, video games, etc..)

Dweeb = ?, does anyone use this term really.

Anyway, I have had my say, what do you think?

Also, check out Geeks are Sexy,

-The Idiot



*This blog is in fact ONLY for entertainment value, and I would hope that you get that I was making fun of my own disclaimer. But this is a disclaimer about the fake disclaimer, say that I don’t rely on facts, for anything… … … lawyers scare me.


2 thoughts on “It is hip to be square… (Nerd Edition)

  1. I grew up a nerd, complete with the frizzy hair, obsessive love for Star Trek, overly complex analysis of everything and still managed to grow into a pretty decent person. I embrace the term nerd. I was actually (and still) only attracted to nerds, geeks, and the like because they stimulate my best qualities as a human being. (Thus, why I was never attracted to competitive jocks. You follow my point.) I am still somewhat nerdy. Not too concerned with what people think or say and fully aware that my lack of interest in their opinion probably pisses them off. But I’ve had so many years of practice, and it’s actually been incredibly liberating to never be concerned about fitting in – something I am passing on to my daughters.

  2. Yeah, I think that once most geek/nerd/etc. get out of high school, they are stronger because they can be themselves and have already fought the battles that come with it. But, I think that is also a product of the times, we intellectual folk have leg up, if we use it.

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