Stranger than Science Fiction… … (Future Edition)

So, today’s rant is about Sci-Fi, not to be confused with SyFy, which is apparently Sci-fi’s younger less intelligent brother that loves animal attack movies and wrestling…. …. At least, wrestling is a little sci-fi.

Anyway, what I am talking about is Science Fiction, fiction that is based with some concept that connects with science (however loose that connection is). It use to be that sci-fi was described as fiction with elements of science, but it seems like we were mistaken. As anyone that has been a live in the last few decades can tell you, just about anything that was written in sci-fi, has become sci-fact. I would cite a dozen examples, but really if you don’t know a couple by now, then I am not sure how you are reading this blog… …

So, the question for this shorter than usual post is, are we write fiction about science anymore, or are we creating science (as in scientific discoveries, and such) around fiction?

That is all I got… Just saying…

The Idiot


I thought a mini-post might be a good idea between my bigger post, what ya think?



3 thoughts on “Stranger than Science Fiction… … (Future Edition)

  1. Oh yeah? Then what happened to the flying cars from the Jetsons and Blade Runner? And what about the teleportation devices? I’d like to go to Hawaii without flying. I think we’re being duped!

    • Teleportation devices? You mean, you don’t have one?

      Hmm…. … Remember, it was in Wal-Mart’s Black Friday ad. Waffle makers, coffee machines, and material relocation devices. Man, now your going to have to pay retail price. Ouch.

      In all seriousness, we do have flying cars, they are just impractical at the moment. It is the good hover cars that I am waiting on, but we still have a couple of years for that.

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