Ding, re-open… … (Video Console Edition)

Ah, surprise, I am back for more… …

First, I hope that I am going to get back a few of my former viewer, and some new ones…

That being said, lets jump right in.

There has been a lot of talk about Xbox’s next console having a feature that prevents used games from being played. This seems like are really bad idea… … Unless you make games a lot cheaper, then it is just a bad idea. Really, I have given up on game consoles, just like TV, these beasts should have been put down a long time ago. Computers can handle games well, and if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo focused on making gaming computers, I think the world would be better. Instead of making a console that can check Facebook, make a computer that is geared towards gaming, it sounds like splitting hairs but it is kind of like Apple, they make computers that do what the average person wants them to do, and do it well. Everything that is outside of Apples world is like pulling teeth, but most people don’t do those things anyway. Computers could be made by the game companies that are the same way, hell, maybe Apple should get into the game industry. I don’t even like Apple, but they might be the right people for the job…. Enough of that subject, chew on it, and let me know how it tastes.

I was pondering the other day, how annoying it is that people (non-gamers) will refer to a game system as,”a Nintendo game.” This drives me nuts, because if they have a question about the system, they will say,”I need help with a PS3 game.” and I will as which one… They will stare at me like I am a maniac and the whole communication sucks from there…. Anyway, I was thinking about how new systems don’t even come with games normally, and how much that sucks… So, for all of you console gamers that are ready for the next gens to come out, here is the battle cry,”We want a digital voucher for one new title with every new system!”

I hate having enough for a new system, but not enough for a new game, it sucks and I know I am not alone. I understand, packaging a Mario game is useless for a die-hard sports gamer, and the such is true for any game. But, every system has a market place, and it looks like the next-gen are going to basically require a connection to get any good use out of them, so I want a game included!

That is all for today, subscribe to this blog, leave lots of comments, and go in peace… … Damn it.

The Idiot


Well, I think that went well. Anyway, I am looking forward to abusing your time with my rambling.

I could use someone who is good with customizing sites to help me with mine. It is not that I can’t but I am lazy when it comes to themes and such. Just saying.



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