Thought you got rid of me, think again… (Now with 100% less focus)

It is the Idiot returning from a very extended vacation, and ready to retool and reload this blog… But more about that later!

Right now, I am more interested in ranting about adulthood, because I was reading an article on the subject on, kind of a gentleman’s club online… Anyway, it got me thinking about my life as an adult, and those around me. It seems to me that the world (and by world I mean media, or dark masters, which ever you prefer) has got it in it head that the only way to enjoy life is to act like an… … well an idiot. But not the kind that rants about social topics and goes for long periods not updating his blog and ignores the few very cool readers he has… what was I saying? Oh, yeah idiots! No, we are supposed to be our selves, in all situations… WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I hear that a lot from my co-workers, and friends on the various social networks,” I got in trouble for doing *whatever inappropriate, rude thing*, and people got mad at me! Can you believe it, I was just being myself.” I honestly don’t understand how people find so many applications for the whole staying true to yourself thing. Am I not staying true to myself if I accept the grape jelly for my toast at Denny’s instead of flagging the waitress for my usual strawberry? Let’s try this for a change, if someone pisses you off about something that is not life threatening (quality of life counts only if the effect last more than a month), then just get over it, don’t seek revenge, don’t ignore them, don’t do anything about it. BE ADULT. So, your co-worker didn’t defend you when someone was talking trash about you, so what? Chances are, they didn’t think that it mattered enough to start a fight, and they would be right. What about that person that was talking said trash, can I avoid them? Well, that is a more complicated issue, ask yourself, did I give a rats ass about them before? If no, then just continue on like normal. If yes, then continue on like normal. Why? Because they said it behind you back for a reason, they were most likely just blowing off steam. We don’t have to make everything into a big deal, like their rumor is going to topple all the power we have gained in the work place. The company that I am working for now, I have been with for WAY too long, and I have only confronted two of my co-workers. One thought I hated him, and had to bring the boss in on it (I didn’t hate, I just didn’t want to do his work); the other stole my Red Bull, and when confronted he denied it and looked like he was going to pee him self, so I let it go (See, even an idiot can act adult). I have had many, many more people spread things about the work place involving me, some true, some false, but by not reacting to them most people lose interest long before they ruin my reputation.

The original point of this post was that Americans (and maybe the whole world) has gone adrift with adults searching to find themselves. Maybe we should worry less about being our selves, and more about building a community, because the community mind-set has been pretty much destroyed. We have gone from diversity to alienation, someone has to grow up and start fixing things, even the idiots.


Well, that is it for this weeks rant, this is the section that I set aside to talk more about the blog itself.

For anyone that has been with the blog for a while, I have not posted for a long time. Some of that is because life got busy, but more of it is because this was originally supposed to be a commentary about how tech has changed our lives, and while that was fun it was somewhat restricting and felt stagnant after a while. So now, this blog will be more about a commentary about life as I see it, which will still have a lot of tech talk because it has become a big part of our lives.

So, we are just going to let go of the helm, and let this ship guide itself.(I know NOTHING about boats)


6 thoughts on “Thought you got rid of me, think again… (Now with 100% less focus)

  1. I kinda am that way, most the time. I let alot go due to lack of care. Tho I come across as “cold” to most that way. Oh well. Lol red bull, rly?

    • Yeah, I can’t prove anything, so it is not even worth going into, but it was annoying.

      I think that cold can be made into aloof, which actually tends to attract people. People love me, and I am a down right jerk.

  2. It’s funny how things like social media, designed to help people connect and interact with one another, have actually become a stage for serious narcissism. It’s amazing to me how so many people think nothing of posting their views and expecting the world to accommodate them.

    Take Facebook for example. People rant, cuss, “vaguebook” (don’t get me started!), post religiously or politically heated topics, and then find themselves angry and frustrated when someone disagrees or calls them out. I we were discussing these very same topics over coffee at a cafe, we might disagree, but I’m sure the conversation would end with a wave of the hand and a casual, “Well, we’ll just agree to disagree then.” Move on.

    But online, people feel entitled to go off in tangents and abusive diatribes, cut their friends short, and hit the “Defriend” button with impunity.

    I am a firm supporter of our civil liberties and first amendment rights, but people don’t seem to realize that while their speech and opinions are sanctioned, they’re not always welcome, appropriate, or well received. The common reply when someone takes the time to point this out is, as you stated Rich, “I’m just being myself.”

    People have lost their filters. They’ve lost the ability to understand the differences between “Being themselves” and being the best part of themselves. In a world where general social expectations are dropped significantly from where they were just 50 years ago, there doesn’t seem to be as much incentive to lace up the metaphorical shoes and present your best face.

    Personally, if “just being myself” meant that I was being an arrogant, self righteous prat, I might take a second look at myself and see if that’s really who I want to be.

    • I couldn’t agree more, I know that some people have stated in the past that social media allows people to express themselves without a filter, and that is a value because they are allowed to vent their feelings.

      Well, in essence, that is true… On the other hand, every place that I have worked has had that group of people that complain about every change in the company, and when the company is not changing they belly-ache about how stagnant things have become. It seems like Facebook and it’s ilk allow more people to become that way. Really, and this maybe just because of the friends that I have on the different networks, but FB seems to be the worst. I think it has to do with the status updates, something about it seems to make people want to project every useless thing out there.

      That actually is another hindrance, the constant posts that are meant to be inspiring. We have a dedicated group of people that feel they must post every inspired picture, or phrase they find. After a while it just feels like spam, and it stops others from wanting to post similar messages because they don’t want to be like that person…

      Of course, that brings me to the people that just don’t want feed back on there comments, these people seem to fail to understand the nature of “social” network, and just want you to like there comment, or to leave the alone. Once again, SOCIAL network, not shout-into-cyberspac-for-the-hell-of-it network.

      So, I don’t know, maybe everyone is just being themselves, since the majority of us seem to be spoiled children that need to get angry about every little thing that rubs them the wrong way. But you would think that something would have to give at some point. You would think that many of these people would look at the collection of status updates and would think.”Gee, I sure don’t seem happy, and after years of doing this, nothing has improved. maybe I should try something else.”

      Just saying/

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