Your my friend, so why do I need to hang out with you.(mini-thought edition)

I was never the biggest fan of social networks, but they have grown on me, I enjoyed creating my own page with MySpace, and then Facebook came and changed the game… But, I am not so much interested in talking about these networks, as much as I am interested about talking about what they seem to be lacking.  I have a good size group of friends, and most of them even live close to my home, sweet home; and yet when I try to get them together it is like herding cats. “I worked all day, I just want to chill”, “I have to work next week, I just want to chill”, etc…  At first I thought I just wasn’t that likeable (Crazy, I Know), but other people I know have been having the same reaction.  It seems like as long as you know your friends status, you don’t really need to hang out with them. Many of these sites even make it easier to find your friends, I mean stalkers make good use of these sites… … Maybe I need more stalkers as friends. Other than Farmville, why is it that no one is interested in using these networks to be social?

So, what do you think, do you hang out with you friends more or less since the creation of social networks?


2 thoughts on “Your my friend, so why do I need to hang out with you.(mini-thought edition)

  1. This is an interesting post.

    Personally, I think people are lazy. Hanging out with a friend requires getting off the couch, putting on clothes, driving, and actually making an effort to be personable in real time. Oh my god, the humanity! Who could possibly extend themselves to such a degree? You’re asking far too much.

    I find myself in an awkward situation many times because I’ve got two kids, limited finances, and things like schoolnights and bedtimes to work around. While I try to accommodate as many of my friends’ social events as I can, it’s not always possible, and frankly, it’s not always fun. Parties become a whole lot less fun when you’re keeping an eye on the clock to make sure you leave in time to relieve the sitter. It’s not the friend that’s no fun, it’s just the situation.

    I DO notice a rather hefty imbalance as far as communication is involved, though. I sometimes send funny greeting cards to friend with a handwritten note, for no particular reason. I like getting mail. Other people like getting mail. It’s just something nice to do, and a reminder I’m thinking of them and taking the time. Besides my grandmother, I’ve never, ever gotten one in return. Friends don’t return calls, they don’t call “just to chat”, they don’t drop by.

    Why should they? When you’re just a Facebook instant message away, why bother, right?

    • Well, I must admit that I have never been much for responding by snail-mail, even as a child when I moved and the other children wrote letters to me, I almost never responded. I am guilty of thinking too little of what I do, so when I sit down to write the letter I get about as far as,”I am fine, how are you?” and that is about it. Now sending funny things, honestly never occurs to me.

      I do agree that laziness is part of the problem, we have become a culture that over values our free time, perhaps because the nature of our lives has become so micro-managed. Some of that is the jobs that we have, I know my day job does not fill me with any since of accomplishment, I essentially feel like I am paid to make sand castles. No matter how mighty and great a castle I construct, com morning I return to the shore to start a new. Only instead of the shore, I return to a cement box with a tin roof, and the sand castle that I make is falling apart the as I leave it. After doing that a while, people tend to want to horde there time away from work, unfortunately most of us treat that spare time like fireflies, and we forget to punch air holes in the container… … Hmmm… Yep, that is all the life is like a box of chocolate examples I can think of at the moment.

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