To turn me on, when you stick it in! (ramble edition)

So,  this has bothered me a while, I don’t understand it, and while that is part of a large list of things that I don’t understand, this one is currently on top of the pile. Why do some electronics not have on/off switches? What mad genius builds these devices, mass markets them, and then thinks,”Hmmm, I feel like I forgot something.” Because to him/her I say,”You forgot the #$@ mother@#$% on/off button!”. I mean, I like my smart phone, it does a bunch of junk I don’t need it to do, and some of the stuff that I would like it to do, it even makes phone calls… no matter how I hold it… (Yeah, Steve, they make phones like that.), any way, one of the few things it does not do is turn off. To do that I am required to pull out the battery, which sucks, because I have a protective case, that hates to leave its post, it is like those guards with the big fuzzy hats that you can’t make laugh…. Where was I? Oh yeah, crap that won’t turn off! My modem, and my router are part of that club too, and on the rare occasion I need to rest something I always realize that I have moved them behind something that requires me to have my ass sticking in the air, and then holding the ac plug away from the modem for 10 secs before finally getting to put it back it. I am pretty sure that is a mating ritual is some countries… I have put some thought into this, maybe the phone is like that so I can never turn it off by mistake, and maybe the modem and router are designed that way so that they can’t be reset by mistake messing up all the networks in important companies, like the Albanese Confectionery Group, inc. who have made the delicious gummy butterflies that are giving me the sugar high that is powering this rant. Well, if those are the reason, then maybe they should make devices that don’t need resetting after just about any update, otherwise give me my damn on/off switch!




Whoa, first of all let me thank Linear Fix for reminding me that taking a break from writing should not take longer than the entire time you have been writing. Thanks LF!

I know, really an iPhone death grip joke, but what can I say the gummy butterflies make me do strange things.

Lets see, I purposely made this post kinda a mess, mostly because when I first started this blog it was supposed to be about bringing things up, but I started to get too much into perfecting my posts and that makes me like far too many other bloggers… granted so does aimless ranting… Hmm, I guess I will have to find somewhere in the middle… Anyway, for those of you that have stuck with me, thanks! I intend to get back into the swing of things, so I hope you enjoy Intricate Idiot! (That’s me!!!)


2 thoughts on “To turn me on, when you stick it in! (ramble edition)

    • Yeah, it has a soft off, but that is more of a power saving feature. If they wanted to keep it connected then I wish it wouldn’t freeze after every update. I do think that you may have the right idea though.

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