How fun?

So, I have run into a writer’s block for today’s post, mostly because once again real life is intruding on out time together, but real life is not the only one to blame. That brings us to today’s short topic, MMO’s. These little time suckers can be fun and very involving, or they can ruin your life forever, but I believe that is up to you and I don’t pity a single person that lets their game life run away with them.

I am actually interested in mentioning the game that I am currently playing. Why? Because I enjoy it, and I thought that maybe some of you would enjoy it too!

The game of choice when it comes to MMO’s for most people is the game World of Warcraft, this game has a very detailed story line and has a huge fan base of devoted players which can help flesh out the world in a way that a single player game just can’t, I personal have enjoyed this game quite a bit and had fun running around as a sneaky dead guy… But, that is not the game that I am actually interested in talking about, I want to talk about Rift, this is the game of choice for me, in many ways it is similar to WoW, but what makes it, in my opinion, better is its namesake’s rifts, these little tears in reality can pop-up just about anywhere and sometimes they are just a single tear, and sometimes the sky just seems to rip open and all hell breaks loose!

Anyway, I would like to give more details about this game, but the real world won’t give me time today, so if you are interested in my giving a more detailed account of my time with Rift leave a comment, if not then don’t say anything and I will move on. Anyway, you should check it out, they have a trail period so there is nothing to lose!

This just in! Today, May 30, is the last day you can buy the game from the website for 50% off! Do it now!


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