Are we lost?

So, I am back, after spending a few days well rested playing in the dirt and bathing with strangers more than usual, I am ready to ramble on about the things that I ramble on about.

Since I just got back from vacation I thought that it would be useful to talk about travel tech. The one that comes to my mind most of all is GPS, I am not a fan of GPS for most people. I think that these seemingly helpful devices are just a great way to be lazy, and they don’t normally work that well. If you enter my home address into a GPS then you will have a fun time driving to area that are nowhere near my house, nor in my neighborhood, but at least you will be in the right town, although in the wrong zip code even though you supplied the correct one. Anyway, there are some people who need them, they are extremely rare, and a GPS is something that no one should be proud to need. I have a friend that would get lost diving from my house to her house on a regular basis, she needs a GPS. I had a co-worker that would get lost in the backroom, which was about 15 feet from the front area. At first I thought that she was just trying to get out of work by taking her time and claiming to be lost, but then one day she was asking fellow co-worker how to leave the building… The door was almost visible from the punch clock… She needed a GPS, and a miracle. Anyway, for the rest of you, learn to use a map and common sense and you will get lost less often than you would with a GPS.

Funny is, as much as I dislike GPS (as in the separate device that often is attached to a windshield), I love the GPS function on phones. I bet you are thinking about how little sense that makes, well let me explain. See, a GPS you buy for the sole purpose of guiding you, and it is an overpriced piece of equipment for the job. A GPS equipped phone on the other hand often does not cost any more than any other smart phone and helps you along the way. What I am saying is, I don’t use the phone to plan my trip, but if I run into trouble, or want to make sure that I am on the correct path, or that I am making good time, I can have my co-pilot check for me.(If I have no co-pilot then I pull over if the road I was going to use is blocked and check for a new route, anything else I just live without)

Anyway, enough of that, another travel device that many people use today is the e-readers, these I find a useful and acceptable companion. Although I prefer a dead tree, I see nothing wrong with e-readers and they can offer functions that a book can not, things like updated news and such. So, for those that want more from there reading than just a single story, they are the bees knees!

Um… I think I am going to leave out MP3 players and portable computers, these are either part of you daily travels or not, I would just be trending water talking about them in detail, and I did enough of that with my GPS rant.

I am a minimalist when it comes to travel, I shed my web of tech for a few key devices, even my net-book was only included in this trip because I wanted to type this post on my regular day… That failed horribly, either the hotel did not of the correct power flow, or my battery is pushing up daisies…. Yeah, minimalist, anyway, What are your habits when you leave you fortress of tech?


This weeks updates!

So, Hot Springs, Arkansas is a neat place to check out, it is hard to describe, it is like a place that looks like it once was Vegas, died for a couple of years, and now hippies and art folk are bringing it back to life. It is like an undead Elvis with unholy powers has summoned a legion of liberals to revive this once great city that was a common stomping ground for Al Capone (it even has the a handy gangster museum to prove it). Anyway, there are a lot of interesting thing to check out there, like the hot spring bath houses, and if you are so inclined to check it out you should stay at the Alpine Inn, let them know The Idiot sent you… They will have no idea what you are talking about, which is just a better reason to do it, and if you feel nice you can then show them this website, or not… if you feel evil.

I totally had more to say, but I can’t remember, I have visions of undead Elvis hip-swinging on top of the Arlington Hotel with a horde of tie-dyed undead setting up shop….

Yeah he is still the king!   =p


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