How Ironic

Ok, what is going on with Sony? The just started getting the PSN network online and already they have flawed security, this time it is a lesser problem, at least people’s credit cards are not being stolen. This is one of those cases that makes you wonder who is running the show, what is happening behind the curtain?

That brings me into today’s topic, with more products needing to be tended by companies for the life of the product, who is responsible for it?

If I buy a PS3, should I be able to use it how I please? Since updates help the system perform better is Sony the one in charge? What if you don’t hook it up to the network, or up to THEIR network?

This is a question that is becoming more and more relevant because it is not only Sony that makes products that bring up these questions. Most cell phones have the same questionable authority, same with computers. When I bought my out-of-box computer I had to make an agreement with Acer for the hardware/software rights, and Microsoft for the OS (Operating System for those that don’t speak tech) rights. Basically right out of the box the company was telling me that I was going to use the computer the way that they wanted me to use it, and no other way. That gets really irritating,  lucky for me I had pretty basic uses for that system anyway (Most of the devices I use are cheap because if you know tech, you rarely need something expensive… Unless you are greedy… Or can afford it). Most lawyers will tell you that some of the things they include in the EULA are not legal in the strictest since, they just are hoping it will give them some leverage in court.

I can somewhat understand the problems the company that supports the systems run into, they have to make sure that the systems are secure at all times (because we do get pissed when our info is stolen) and that is kinda hard when you have a handful of people that want to make their system do things it was never intended to do. Ironically, this is exactly how Sony got itself in trouble. They forced people(many hackers) to drop the OtherOS (An operating system that uses a Linux environment) to prevent security holes from being created, and then a clever hacker figured out how to undo what Sony did to block the use of OtherOS. Then after he put on the web his trick, Sony sued him for breaking into the system, because of that (At least in my belief) hackers retaliated by attacking the PS Network exploiting many of its security holes!! See, that is some funny stuff, and I think I even used ironically in the correct context!(maybe)

So, where do you think we should draw the line between what we can do with something that we own, and how much power the company that supports our device should have?

Since this is filed under my weekly rant, I have done ZERO fact checking, so if anyone has some better info please leave a comment, I think the operating system was called OtherOS but I am not sure. Also, I would really like to know what you that about this topic, get you friends to read the blog, lets get a debate on this!!!


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