Still the Wild West!

So, the internet is no longer new, cyber space has had it pioneers and now the settlers are setting up camps and building towns. Much like the early days of America, this new frontier had virtually no law, and much like the towns of the old west, laws are now starting to pop up randomly and without much thought, and even the ones that have been thought about are put in to use in poor ways. Why is it that most laws, concerning the internet, that protect individual only come about after enough people have been hurt, and yet laws are constantly being developed to protect corporations without any proof that the law is even needed.

The reason I am bringing this up, is because I am not even sure who should rule over the realm that is cyberspace, obviously governments and corporations hold the most systems that give us the internet, but does that mean anything? Is this the colonial time for this new world, and is it time that those citizens fight for their freedom?

Sony recently was attacked by unknown hackers, attacked twice actually, and this has caused to different reactions. Some put the black hat on the hackers, saying that they broke into a system that they had no right to be in, and stole information(many a credit card number was stolen) that did not belong to them. Another backlash of that is that Sony has had its network down for many weeks, and so its customers have not be able to enjoy the products that they have purchased. (It is rumored that Sony will make up for the down time in some way, such as free subscriptions)

Others put that black hat on Sony, see many people are not aware that a lawsuit was brought against a well-known hacker, this hacker changed Sony’s hardware to return functions that Sony originally offered with said hardware. Many feel that the hackers where attacking Sony to show the company that it can not bully the little guy  because they have a host of lawyers and enough money to beat some 21-year-old hacker into legal submission. For those people they believe that hackers like this are fight for freedom on the net.

In Sony’s case I have not read the court documents, so I can’t say, but I do think that companies are in general getting away with too much because of the power they have in the physical world. Many companies now come out with a product that advertises several features and then after you have agreed to the EULA (Yes, the source of all evil!) they have full legal rights to take away those functions. As the individual computer user becomes more knowledgeable about the web and tie there lives more to it, should we really allow the laws  that are adapted to the net to be created by corporations? Shouldn’t the laws be completely new, not just something that is modified and grafted onto net law? Shouldn’t they be created by Digital Citizens? I realize that we do not totally live on the net, so we have dual citizenship at best, but still these laws are being created for the wrong reasons. So before you boo a hacker for attacking a company, consider the motivation behind the attack, we might have some modern-day Robin Hoods… … Then again, it is hard to say.

Remember, this is an opinion blog, I try to keep the facts straight, but I only go so far, so if you are interested in any of these topics there are plenty of places to check out. My favorite website for information is:

They always have interesting articles, and tend to give different perspectives on subjects that the mainstream media only post one side on.

Also, another tech blog that I have started reading, and seems to have some good information is:

I suggest checking them out!


This weeks updates!

Not much to update, I have been writing and trashing numerous posts, so don’t be surprised if I have a wash of new posts coming in!(unless they continue to suck!)

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4 thoughts on “Still the Wild West!

  1. Lol. More like kindergarten! Sony the big kid on the block has taken a liking to bullying the other lesser kids and as soon as one of em gets pissed enough to throw the first punch, bully runs to the adults. Now the kid gets in trouble cuz he struck back where and the adults claim there r ways to deal with them. but the major corps get to make the rules. Now if we did minor alterations to the systems/devices we would have a lot more ground in this. But the fact of the matter is the jailbreaks also promote piracy and thats what sony/corps doesnt like. Well that and the return/addition of features they dont like, kinda a pride shot. but if the expect no backlash, they r crazy.

    • I think I have a problem with the way this all went down because the PS3 has had more than one feature promised, and then after release it has be taken away. I understand that sometime it seems as though something will work, and then it does not, but when you advertise backwards comparability and then dump it, and then you advertise a Linux OS and then decide that it is not working the way you wanted, that is when it starts to feel like you are just making up your own rules.

      That was great example, I remember exact scenarios like that, and normally the adults solution hurt the bullied more then the bully.

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