Friday’s Post (Most Awesome Edition)

I have been spending the last hour writing today’s post, it has a lot to do with tech and out lives, because that is what this blog is all about. I have been slacking lately, mostly because this blog does not pay my bill (yet. 😉 )

But today, I have hit save on the post that I was going to put here, and I instead I am just going to encourage you to enjoy the rest of the day. In fact, get off the computer as fast as you can and just spend a day without the internet, or TV. Just enjoy today, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

The Idiot


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Post (Most Awesome Edition)

  1. A day w/o the internet!? Eh, maybe if I didnt have my internet anywhere enabled phone…, maybe. But since I got that sucka, internets been at my hands calling! Unless I left it at home when I go 2 work as I did the other night. I ended up goin 2 get it over lunch… So my question is, what if ya go out and get the best of both worlds? What then?

    • I think sometimes that the worlds collide and you can’t truly enjoy one with the other. You could listen to a rock concert on your iPod while you watch the same band perform live, but that hardly is the best of both worlds.

      • well, thats not quite what I was getting at. I mean more of the reality augmentation. Such as googling the next few concerts of that band, local or not. I like this device mostly because if someone decided 2 ask me where saudi arabia was, if I didnt have my phone on me, lets just say I dont know geography that well! Im sayin, I wouldnt want 2 cut that augmentation out. PS (to the last sentence of “Friday’s Post”) tomarrow brings mostly sunny with a chance of rain. Lol

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