To The Starting Lines!!! (American Edition)

Alright, enough time has settled, and so has the American people, it is time to give us something to fight for again, and not something vague, or something that requires blood shed (although, I am sure there will be some, humans are great at that). We need another space race, something to heard the cats, we call Americans, under one cause.  Now this is a call out to Americans, but everyone that reads this should consider what I am saying. We Americans love our independent nature, it is apart of us, but these days we seem to forget that this is the UNITED States of America! We are not fighting alone or in small groups that only believe what we believe, we are a united nation, it is time to start acting that way. To this effect I think we need a new goal, lowering the debt is not a good goal, because not that many people will directly see the results. We need something that will show our progress, something that will have us saying,”Man, I can’t believe we pulled that off. The space race was great for that, but how much do we really here about space these days? Did you know that there are a group of scientists that believe that we should return to our frontier ways and allow one way trips to Mars? These would not be suicide missions, although the early ones would be VERY dangerous! These missions would be sending people out to Mars to create a habitat for future travel, so that maybe we could make a Mars base and maybe even settle Mars. Now the Prez and other officials have denied these idea, they don’t want to send anyone out there without the promise that they could come back. I understand, if the ship gets half way there and stops working, the  American people are going to want to save the crew, and we won’t be able to and the Prez will have to take the heat.  That is why I say that the should make a show of it, there are many people who would gladly spend the rest of their life in space for the chance to walk on the Red Planet! Have a huge speech, fanfare, say how these brave people are going to leave the loving arms of Mother Earth so that her other children may some day live amongst the stars, and it is our jobs as Americans to do what ever we can to help them on their trip. On that not, remember, that star that we are currently warming our backsides with will not last forever, it is time that we stretch our legs and walk around the universe a bit….

… … Or there are other goals, we could build something truly impressive, we live in a time where miracles are made everyday, but they are never lasting miracles. “We have invented this super computer that  tell you when you will die!!”, “We just invented a better computer that will tell you when you would have died according to last weeks computer, and how to prevent it! It also connects to your phone!” We are constantly surprised by these great advances we are making in technology, but none of it ever lasts that long, and yet we are still in awe of sites like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, or the Arch.  So, perhaps a good goal would be to make something that we would be impressed with for more than a year. I don’t know, all I know is that many of us feel like we are trending the same ground over and over again, and there is so much new ground to cover!


This weeks Intricate Idiot updates!

My health is a lot better, still got a couple docs to see, but at least things are sucking much less.

This is my fist late post!!! Go me! Way to under achieve! It is only 10 hours late, but I am just saying!

A lot of stuff I mentioned last week was put on hold, but no forgotten. I would love to hear ideas on how I could improve things, so that I can ignore them. HAHA, just kidding, maybe.

If you would like to be ignored please send a Self Address Stamped E-Mail to:


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