Someone stole my identity… Now I’ll never goto heaven!

I know that religion isn’t as big a part of peoples lives as it used to be, and this blog is not really the place to change that, but I do think that we have gotten something confused along the way. We are all familiar with identity theft, it’s on the net, tv commercials, and newpapers, PEOPLE ARE COMING AND STEALING YOU!!!! What? It would totally suck to get a call one day and hear,”Mr.Idiot, this is the ACME Boat Club, and you are way behind on those boat payments you put on that high interest credit card you took out”, because I don’t own a boat, and I don’t have a high interest credit card. But I am pretty sure that I would still be me. My parents would not stop taking my calls, and my wife would not throw me out because I am not the Idiot she married(get it, heh). My soul would still be in the same body, either that or I have totally been ignoring some new tech out there. “Just slide you immortal soul through the soul reader and you are granted balance based off your saint/sin balance”,talk about high interest!

Anyway, the point is that ID theft has actually been around forever, it is now easier to do, but it is also easier to catch too. It used to be that if you could get some basic info on a person, and their mail and then you were set, and it would take forever for them to find out. Hell, once upon a time it took about a day to get a driver’s license in the name of a dead person, and under a month you could be set up living under their name. These days computers and photo-ID have made that kind of thing a lot harder, not impossible, but harder.

We have tons of our information leaking out everywhere and there is virtually nothing we can do about it. Our employers leave our information in easily opened filing cabinets, your doctor throws in the trash you social security number instead of the shredder, you know every day stuff. Once again, it has always happened this way, we are just more aware of it, we are not islands we do not have to keep everything locked inside, information about us can get out, and we will survive.  Those pictures of you walking naked in front of your window that I have posted all over the internet are embarrassing and they could prevent you from getting a job, but if the I got the angle right they could get you a job, or a date! We are responsible for the information we release into the world, but that does not mean that there is not a lot of information about us that we are not responsible for, and that information is not my problem. This reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I got into a fight in the school yard, when my mother asked me why I got into the fight, I proudly declared that I was defending her honor because they had said something bad about her, and she looked down at me and said…”Why would I care what some kids said about me, and why do you?” … Oops, that is a good point, why do I care that Google know that I like BBQ and watching Chuck on Hulu? Not everything about you should be kept secret. There are all these sites that you can pay to find out about someone based of their cyber-footprint, some are scary dead on, but others are so far off that they report you as a thirty year old black man that died at the age of thirteen in childbirth! The great part is that no one really knows which sites are right about which people, we are just to hard to track, even more so if multiple people use the same computer.

So, I have nothing to worry about, riiight? Wrong, you still should be careful, and think before you use or give away important information, but now you also need to look out for those that are “protecting” your ID. There are tons of services that now offer to protect you ID, but many of them are using scare tactics to trump up the danger. Some of the protection just isn’t that great, so make sure that you see through the fear induced lies and only then make your choice.


Normally, that would have been the end of today’s post, but being that it is Wednesday, I am also giving my weekly update.

Things are going great as we are going into week 2 of Intricate Idiot, views are up, and subscribers are starting to pick up. I have all of you to thank for that, and I really do thank you. I can only hope that you are spreading the word, it sure seems that way!

Also, soon we will have the facebook site up, and hopefully our first contest (no promises). I have also been working with a couple of artists on getting some fresh custom art on the page to spice things up.

I think that the EULA series is going to be every other week because everything else on the site has been slowing down my information gathering.

There are is a lot more, and so don’t forget to leave comments on what you do and don’t like, if you want to say something without leaving a comment you can always send an e-mail to!


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