Boundaries Broken… Here comes the invaders!!

As technology changes the way we live it really has begun to spread and change the entire human race, well most of it. There are a few tribes of people who have never had direct contact with the greater human race. They have thrown spears at passing helicopters, which shows that maybe they just want to be left alone… Or that they have seen Avatar and want to be like the blue people when they grow up. Wow, way off subject!

So, here is the deal, most of us have vastly different value systems because the system started in another country before our families came over to America, and at one time that is the way it had to be, you lived where Italians settled you followed Italian values; German town, you showed respect in a German way; and so on. Fast forward, now we can zap around the country in our metal birds (without spears flying at us) and we move even faster without our bodies around the internet. Now all these communities are mixing, and it is causing fiction people are asking for pop all willy-nilly when they want a soda, IT IS ANARCHY! The solution is so simple, and the time is now to execute it, America needs a new etiquette, one that finds a way of living that we can all come to agree on, and this has to be done by the digital natives. That’s right, you that are just getting out of high school, those who have not become set in your ways, you who have the one tool that those before you didn’t have, the ability to use the internet.

Generations before may have had the internet, but a piece of the new generation was born in the internet. My humble suggestion is for someone to create a website that people can vote on what they consider rude, or what they consider the right way to handle a situation, and then, if done right, that website could give a model for a true democratic etiquette, an American etiquette (cue patriot music… in techno… because we are talking about the internet).

I am not a Digital Native, Idiot, what can I do? Well to all you Gen X, and older, it is our job to try to help the younger generation reach that potential.  Weaken the boundaries that divide the facets of American culture.

It is time for the natives to invade!


2 thoughts on “Boundaries Broken… Here comes the invaders!!

  1. That does give me an idea tho. I’ve seen many crapy apps across the ipod, droid, and even the wii has a user generated questions 2 “vote” on. 1 well ui-ed, securely built, incentive provided site could maybe mainstream it. Now wether or not 2 actually consider a 40/60 vote truly enforceable is the actual morale question, jk.

  2. That is actually a good idea, if there was a phone app that would allow for people to vote on certain situations, and then showing the results an a core website, there would have to be a way to also add situations in a organized manner. Now one of you skilled programmers out there need to go to work!

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