Putting the future behind us!

So, you still haven’t got that flying car, the cure for cancer keeps slipping further away, and where the hell are all the women with the paint on body suits?!

Well, while we are waiting we can enjoy some of the cool things that did pan out, like communicators… Um, I mean cell phones.  What I am trying to say is that it seems like everyone that I talk to is either telling me that the past was a great place, to bad we missed it, or that I just need to wait and the future is going to rock! What is wrong with the here and now? Sure, Japan got the magic fingers bed treatment,  all the news outlets think the Charlie Sheen is just so interesting, and the country is spending money like we have money to spend. I can’t do much about what is happening in Japan, although I can encourage others to see what they can do; I could careless what Mr. Sheen is doing in his free time, but what if we looked at the things around us and the powers that affect our lives, maybe we could make some changes there, maybe even stop wasting money… If I’m wrong, there is always the future 😉

My point is; this blog is part tech blog and part social analysis, because technology is changing every aspect of life and we don’t always see the whole picture. I am going  to bring attention  some of the things going on in the back ground that might be worth knowing about, and a lot of things that are not worth knowing about but somebody has to bring ’em up.


4 thoughts on “Putting the future behind us!

  1. Although this isnt rly social analysis, but I noticed how much we also throw our incomplete tech out there and watch em sink or swim. Smart phones come w/ their fair share of bugs, wifi is never as secure as u’d like 2 think, and the way the net is set up just seems 2 never get rid of pesky hackers, even devices r tryin 2 lock themselves tighter. We have an idea that everthing functions as it should. While its never been more true 2 say its a mix of the sum of its parts and programming.

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